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My name is Jack and I have recently been impressed with the effects of the Pomegranate Seed Oil. I am an elite athlete and I am a regular competitor in extreme endurance events. These events require me to be highly active for extended periods of time which can take a massive toll on my body both physically and mentally. After recently completing an all night event I suffered severe chaffing on the inside of my thighs. I was thoroughly impressed with the dramatic effect that the Pomegranate Seed Oil had on my inflamed skin. I applied the oil to the affected area and rested for two hours, when I woke the inflammation had completely reduced and the stinging pain was gone. I was no longer in discomfort and was able to train the following day. No other product I have ever used has worked so quickly or effectively.


Dear Sera,
What can I say,  but what an absolute delight it is to be using your oil on my face.  I have been inspired by Pomegranates for many years and to use your amazing oil on my face is such a joy each night...it is now 3 weeks since receiving my first bottle of Pomegranate oil and what a difference it has made to my skin...my skin glows and feels tighter...it feels alive and nourished.  As a woman in my late 40’s, it is so nice to be part of nature’s best kept secret...thanks so much for creating such a wonderful product and sharing it with woman all around the world...how lucky am I to be able to have glowing skin in my 40’s...thanks to Cardea’s Pomegranate Oil...
Many Thanks,
Susan Gianevsky
Be Free Now

I just wanted to say thank you so much for sending through a sample of the Cardea oil.  I have been using a few drops with moisturizer for the past couple of weeks and already I’ve noticed a difference in how my skin looks and feels.
The Canberra climate is so drying and for such a long time I’ve been searching for a moisturizer but nothing so far has worked.  Combing the oil with my moisturizer has lead to fantastic results.  My skin looks and feels amazing and that’s just after two weeks!
Congratulations to you and everyone involved in creating this product… my skin thanks you!

Cheers Lisa
Lisa Ridgley
Breakfast Show Host
MIX 106.3 Canberra


Harvested from nature, Cardea’s Pomegranate Seed Oil is:

• Naturally pure and non toxic - it takes approximately 500kg of fresh pomegranates for 1kg of oil

• Organically grown - Our oil comes from the seeds of organically grown pomegranates in the Mediterranean. Pomegranates from this region are considered the very best as they contain higher concentration of punicic acid due to climate, soil and traditional farming methods.

• Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) listed - Cardea's exclusive pomegranate seed oil is listed with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration as a recognised complementary medicine. Cardea is committed to ongoing product testing to ensure customers receive the highest quality, organic pomegranate seed oil available.

• Suitable for men and women - it has a light 'peanut-like' scent, and a gorgeous natural aroma of melted baking chocolate!

 • Amazing value - The typical small 15-30ml bottles available overseas are insufficient for regular topical use. With a shelf life of up to 24 months, Cardea’s 100ml bottles are simply better value, lasting longer and saving you money. 

Why should I use Pomegranate Seed Oil?

There are so many reasons for adding Pomegranate Seed Oil to your daily health and skincare regime. Its powerful natural antioxidants help to fight free radicals, slow down the natural ageing process and increase skin radiance and elasticity. It is also known to stimulate the production of keratinocytes to help regenerate and thicken the epidermis1 – the secret to younger-looking skin! Emerging evidence is also demonstrating that the powerful antioxidant compounds in Pomegranate Seed Oil may one day be incorporated in the prevention and treatment of various conditions. Cardea’s Pomegranate Seed Oil is listed with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration. Our research pages provide published information into some of the remarkable studies undertaken to date.

Are there any risks associated with using Pomegranate Seed Oil?

Recent studies support that pomegranates - in their various forms - can safely be included as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Why is it important that Cardea’s Pomegranate Seed Oil is cold pressed? What does that mean?

Cold pressing is the method used to extract the oil from the Pomegranate seed. No heat or chemical solvents are used in this method, resulting in oil of the highest quality, nutritional value and potency.

How do I use Pomegranate Seed Oil?

Apply topically, directly to skin as a concentrate or added to moisturiser or massage oil. Continued, regular use is recommended to achieve optimum results.

What fatty acids are contained within Pomegranate Seed Oil?

Pomegranate Seed Oil is one of the only plant sources of conjugated fatty acids and it contains an abundant amount of punicic acid, a compound closely related to conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Icosanoic- 0.4% Linoleic- 13.5% Linolenic (Conjugated)- 4.4% Linolenic (Alpha)- 0.4% Oleic- 11.1% Palmitic- 4.3% Punicic- 61.9% Stearic- 2.5%

I’ve heard Pomegranate Seed Oil contains ‘CLA’ – what is this?

Pomegranate Seed Oil contains more than 70 per cent of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)2 and is considered by many as the most powerful immune-support compounds ever discovered in nature. Pomegranate Seed Oil is a rare plant-based source of CLA due to its rich punicic oil content.3 Punicic oil is considered a ‘super CLA’ whose effect is even more potent than ordinary CLA.

What are some of the key characteristics and specifications of Pomegranate Seed Oil?

Colour- Soft Amber
Odour- Characteristic/Slightly Fruity
Extraction- Cold Pressed/Unrefined
Shelf life- 14-16 months
Free Fatty Acids- 3.88%
Peroxide Value- <2
Specific Gravity- 0.939

What is the best application of Pomegranate Seed Oil to ease the symptoms of menopause?

Pomegranate Seed Oil may help to ease the symptoms associated with menopause and perimenopause such as mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness and diminished libido. Israeli researchers from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have found that pomegranates could have important implications for oestrogen replacement therapy.4 We would suggest using Pomegranate Seed Oil topically as a skin moisturiser or massage oil.

I want to add Pomegranate Seed Oil to some of my skincare products at home? How much should I use?

Only a small amount of Pomegranate Seed Oil is needed within formulas to achieve beneficial results. Add a small amount to soap, massage oils, facial care products and other body care and cosmetic products.

If you have any other questions, please contact us on enquiries@cardea.com.au

1Aslam MN et al, Journal of Ethnopharmacology (2006)
2Hiroyuki Kohnp et al, Caner Science (2004)
3K Aro et al, Lipds in Health and Disease (2004)
4Technion August 2001 (BioIsrael) “Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Studies Show Pomegranate Seed Oil Causes Breast Cancer Cells To Self-Destruct”